The Chateau Garden

The essence of the Chateau Garden is a relatively organic development and expansion to the final shape of a nature-scenery park (in contrast to the Flower Garden establishment). The logic of the composition principle is sought to organize the functions. The so-called Line of Attractions with exposed entry to the garden might be considered such a principle.

The main attractions of the visitor facilities are concentrated in a relatively small area following the main entry do the Chateau Garden form the Na Kopečku Street. This line of attractions disperses visitors fanwise to remote parts of the park. Buildings and garden arrangements in this first line are distinguished by the use of a smaller scale with parterres of flowerbeds and fruit orchards.

The line of attractions will be complemented with a new public area – for education and leisure-time activities (building a shipyard for boats and ice skating) in neighbourhood with a Fishing Pavilion, Long Pond and sports centre Bajda. This public area will be created after a complete reorganization and renovation (area reduction) of the current gardening center of the Chateau garden. The blind stream branch of the Mlýnská strouha will be adjusted or terminated as well.