Assignment project NCGC


The NCGC Project Setting

Invited by the NCGC project carrier, in 2008 the company Transat architekti (architects Petr Všetečka and Robert Václavík) made so called General NCGC. Within its framework a lot of strategic, investment and dislocation decisions were made during a several-month-long intensive communication between the institutions interested in the project. The decisions were supported by a detailed compositional and historical analysis, space layouts and monument intentions. Afterwards, in 2009 the General was finalized and got the shape of an obligatory urban and functional solution, which is a part of so called NCGC project setting.

The priority of the constructional part of the NCGC project will be the Flower Garden and its restoration based on varied methodological instruction and research in the history of gardens and parks (buildings, structures, network of roads, greenery, water regime etc.) A smaller amount of the financial resources will be devoted to the chateau garden and the chateau. The general goal of the constructional part of NCGC is maximum accessibility of all parts of the Flower Garden and the initiation of paradigm methodological renovation of both chateau gardens.