Garden culture

Garden culture – one of the supreme products of European or world intellectual and artistic development – is still a neglected and ignored theme in the Czech lands, despite the fact that there are a lot of remarkable gardens and parks in the Czech republic. The garden culture theme has continuously been penetrating European mentality for severalcenturies and in some particular epochs it served as a natural bolt between plastic, technical and scientific fields as well.

Size and originality of medieval space in artistic questions has always been connected with the ability to react to and transform various influences often coming from a lot of corners of Europe. Owing to that, we are able to present a complex and diverse theme of garden culture in full range today, taking into account the European development of garden culture from renaissance to the nature-scenery park of the 19th century. High level of artistic quality and uniqueness of these premises is in some cases confirmed by their registration in UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List: The Lednice-Valtice Area, Flower and Chateau Garden in Kroměříž, chateau garden in Český Krumlov, complex of Prague historic gardens, chateau garden in Veltrusy etc. That is to say, each of the above-mentioned objects presents an unrepeatable and unique culmination of a certain development type of a garden or park in the European horizon.